From a young age I have been immersed in musical, cinematographic, and various video games worlds.

I started to play an instrument, the drums, with my father. I then continued as an autodidact, taking lessons later and practicing several other types of instruments: different percussions, bass, guitar and piano.

While playing in different bands, I sought to improve my knowledge in mixing, at the National School of Music of Villeurbanne. Passionate about what I was doing, I continued my musical studies in high school, then I pursued at the University in Musicology.

Meanwhile, I was also interested in creating short films.  And it is with a group of friends that I took my first steps in audiovisual, occupying various functions ranging from scriptwriting to directing. That’s when I made film music for the first time and discovered sound design. That’s when it clicked : I love to accompany a scenario, illustrate it with music and sound effects.

I then decided to take a break from the University to integrate the film music curriculum at the Music Academy International of Nancy. Taking this training confirmed my desire to continue in that direction. That is why, at the end of this training, I came back to the University to finish my studies and to integrate afterwards the Master of Applied Music in Visual Arts at Lyon 2 University.

During the period of my studies, I had the chance to collaborate on many animated films and video games of different genres and styles. Several animated films I’ve worked on have been screened at festivals (Gamagora Game Show, Cinanima Festival, CineGlobe…), and broadcasted on the Gulli children’s television channel.

Passionate also by video games, I participated in 2017 in the Global Game Jam and I acquired there my first experience as composer and sound designer for video games. I met a group of students from the Aries 3D school and we created in 48h a video game: Casta gueule.


This wonderful meeting led us to work together afterwards. Indeed, I had the pleasure of collaborating on their video game graduation project, Wanderers, whose music was also the favorite of the jury (Nicolas Briere, Old Skull Games studio director) this year.

I wanted to continue in this field and had the opportunity to do a sound design internship at Ubisoft Ivory Tower and also to work for a few months as a composer and sound designer for Ryseup Studio.

To deepen my knowledge and experience, I am currently in the final year of Musicical Visual Arts Master, and I am participating in a university exchange at the University of Montreal and specialize in composition and sound design for video games.